The Few Who Don’t Understand

It’s a sad fact, but hunters are sometimes misunderstood by those who haven’t been exposed to this way of life. There are a select few that undeservedly label us as heartless killers who just want to see the blood run red. Those who believe that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hunting is a means to provide. Don’t think so? It is. It has been since the beginning of time when God created this world. It even states in the bible that hunting is a good thing.


Now then, get your equipment–your quiver and bow–and go out to the open country to hunt some wild game for me. (Genesis 27:3)


Hunting is also necessary for healthy population numbers. Numerous cases have proven that without hunters, whitetail populations would go unchecked. Therefore, disease, starvation and other horrific deaths would take their toll. That’s not to mention roadways and public safety. Hunters are beneficial to wildlife.

Lastly, to address this fully, hunters do enjoy hunting. As a hunter, I enjoy going out and hunting for deer. I enjoy the time spent afield with family and friends. I enjoy working hard to find game to hunt. I enjoy having my bow in hand as I move through the forest. I was born a hunter. I was bred a hunter. I hunt. And I hunt just as men and women have been doing for thousands of years.

But it isn’t about the kill. It isn’t about the happiness that we may or may not get from taking a life. It isn’t that at all. It’s about the connection with friends and family. It’s about the connection with nature. It’s about using our natural resources to sustain our bodies with nutrition just as the wolf, mountain lion, bear and other canines do. And the deer mounts you see? Those aren’t ruthless wall hangings with the sole purpose of displaying the dead. Those we keep near to us to help preserve our memories in the field – because as you know, memories are stronger and last longer when you have something tangible to represent the intangible.

The millions of hunters across this beautiful country that hunt alongside me – well, they understand. We hope that those of you who haven’t been exposed to our true way of life will soon understand as well. Look past the fallacies that non-hunters often put before your eyes. Stand with the majority. Stand with the near 80 percent of Americans who realize that hunting is necessary. Become someone who knows that hunting is clean, hunting is pure and hunting is good.


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