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Whitetail Related Car Crashes

Overpopulation of whitetails is a bad thing for motorists. When populations breech capacity accidents increase, damage occurs and people get hurt. This is the reason more urban deer hunting is needed.

Car accident percentages are astounding. The Insurance Journal reported in 2012 that whitetails cause approximately 200 deaths and $4 billion dollars in damage per year. Those are two numbers that can be reduced by allowing hunters to effectively manage deer herds.

Hunters believe there is no way good hunting can be had if there are houses and streets in site. Those who live in urban areas typically think hunting will put them in severe danger. Both couldn’t be more false.

Hunting actually makes roadways safer. It reduces chances of having negative health impacts. Most urban areas permit bowhunting. And some permit gun hunting as well. Either way, don’t think a hunter will shoot you dead just because one is near your home. Chances of injury are so minute that it doesn’t even register. That number is especially lower when hunting with a bow.

Most urban areas are seeing a flux in deer populations. The trend seems to find deer inhabiting urban areas because they know they won’t be hunted there. Stay ahead of the curve and start getting permission to hunt such areas. Your trophy wall and deep freeze will be fuller if you do.

Hunting is crucial for a healthy suburban life. If you don’t want to hunt, allow someone else to hunt the area for you. Both you and your neighbors will be safer if you do.


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