Hunters Are First for Whitetails

Hunting is becoming more popular across the country. More people are realizing that hunting is not only beneficial for wildlife, but for humanity as well. People are realizing that: hunting is a great method for obtaining food, venison is a healthy low-cholesterol meat and that they can have fun while in the field hunting.

What many people do not realize is that hunters and whitetails have an unspoken working relationship? I must be crazy for saying that right? Well, let’s look at a few things before saying that just yet. Hunters are whitetails number one supporter. Here’s the proof.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, sportsmen give nearly $8 million every day and $2.9 billion every year. Most of this money is derived through hunting license sales and donations. Hunters care about wildlife.

Furthermore, in the last 80 years, hunters have paid over $14 billion for “on-the-ground” projects. This has occurred in all 50 states. This has directly affected wildlife in a positive way so that populations are much higher today than during the 20th century.

Whitetails are among the best examples to prove this. In 1900 less than 500,000 deer roamed the United States. According to the Quality Deer Management Association, today there are over 32 million whitetails. This has been a result of good management practices and conservation projects funded by hunters.

Pictured here is Phillip Vanderpool with a whitetail he killed with a compound bow.

Pictured here is Phillip Vanderpool with a whitetail he killed with a compound bow.

Hunters care about wildlife. And that is why they are the leading advocate for whitetails’ health and well-being. Many out there would like to be able to say otherwise. But the simple truth is that hunters are first for wildlife. Hunters are first for whitetails.


3 thoughts on “Hunters Are First for Whitetails

  1. This article is very well written. I found this post very informative and beneficial for those who hunt and do not. Even though I hunt white tail deer, I learned some things I did not know, for example the statistics. I had no idea that today there are over 32 million deer! The grammar on this post needs some editing, for example the way the last few lines of the first paragraph. They sound a little odd when read aloud. Maybe for a future post include information about the white tail competitions that are held each season? I think people who hunt and don’t hunt would enjoy reading a post about that. Overall this article was great and I look forward to more posts.

  2. The page is clear and classic, is really comfortable when I was reading. Im not that kind of hunting people but this post make me learn a lot and change my old opinions. hunting is not just killing.
    the video is also good, every URL can make me learn something. This is really a good post for me, I can learn a lot from here!

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