Hunting Is Good

Hunting has come a long way in the last few decades. Hunter numbers have increased exponentially and the sport is becoming more popular as a whole. People are finally starting to see the value of quality deer management and how it affects humans’ safety and whitetails’ health alike.

Here the author of the blog, Bucks In The Burbs, takes aim with his compound bow. Photo by Chantal Honeycutt

Here the author of the blog, Bucks In The ‘Burbs, takes aim with his compound bow. Photo by Chantal Honeycutt

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s most recent survey, approximately 12.5 million people ages 16 and older hunted in 2006. Simply put, hunting is cool now. Hunting allows us to effectively manage whitetail populations. It also helps to prevent vehicle collisions, malnutrition, starvation, disease and overpopulation.

People are also learning that hunting in urban areas can be just as productive as in rural areas. Whitetails are realizing they don’t receive as much hunting pressure near urbanized areas and thus inhabit such locations. Hunters are now taking advantage of this new style of hunting. Those who do are helping to create a new breed of hunter.

For those interested in learning more about urban hunting tactics, visit this page on tactical approaches for urban bowhunting.

Multiple states are also taking to “urban hunts” where hunters are allowed to hunt in certain areas that lie within the city limits. Others have yet to incorporate this management practice. Most cities allow bowhunting within city limits. This video on whitetails in suburbia comes from CBC News.

Hunting is a necessity for both healthy wildlife populations and a healthy society. It allows for effective game management. And it makes our roadways safer to travel. Hunting is necessary. Hunting is appropriate. Hunting is good.


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